Wheel Protection: The Acura Brake Dust Shield

Acura cars are globally known as high standard, mega-luxurious, all-powerful speed machines that incorporate the most efficient parts and accessories in their construction. They are specifically designed to heighten the functionality of car systems that make up the entirety of Acura’s vehicles. Also, they are engineered in a way that ensures ideal system performance. To be able to understand the principles of Acura in their manufacturing, a look into the company’s history will shed a bit of light on the matter for those who don’t know just major a player Acura is.

Acura is actually a division of Japanese manufacturer Honda Motors. Technically, Acura serves as luxury vehicle brand name that Honda uses as a distribution branch in many countries such as the United States, Canada and Hong Kong. In 1986, following a considerable number of years devoted to the research as well as development of automotive technologies, the Honda Motor Company launched 18 all-new dealerships to support its Acura automobile division. The dealerships were all in North America. Acura was the first Japanese luxury brand to appear in the U.S.. The company’s car models always included superior car parts as well as accessories in their construction. Engine parts, suspension parts and many other components are distinctively unique from standard part makes. A great example of this is the Acura brake dust shield.

Acura’s lineup of luxury vehicles include polished sets of chrome wheels. These wheels may actually be even considered as the finest stock available in the market. What the Acura brake dust shield does is it prevents dust accumulation in and within the wheels that has been proven to contribute quite a lot in the deterioration of the wheels. Thus, dirt not only wipes out the gleam off the wheels, it also undermines the wheels defenses until wheel breakdown is no longer far behind.

Dust shields are usually aluminum plates that are installed between the rim and the brake disc. The aluminum plate catches all the brake dust blown from the brake disc and prevents it from settling on the rims. The Acura brake dust shield is a testament to the brand’s dedication to protection and automobile longevity. For them, it is not enough to produce high performance vehicles. Functionality and maintenance are also key principles in the manufacture of Acura cars and parts.

Bmw 5 Series Gets Interior Upgrades From Johnson Controls

BMW, with its top of the line BMW performance chip did something more to its 5 Series it did not only redesign the Series but it also upgraded its interior. The Bavarian automobile automaker has sought the expertise of Johnson Controls, one of the world’s leading suppliers of automotive interior systems, electronics, and batteries.

Johnson Controls has provided the BMW 5 Series with a completely new developed door panels. It makes use of innovative machinery and process that enables it to apply for the first time a two-color foil to a single-component substrate made of natural fibers. This new process assures cost-effective production and high-quality finish.

At present the two-color components of automotive interiors are achieved by means of producing multiple parts before applied to one another. This process is not perfect and leaves seams and gaps visible plus it also makes it difficult in some cases to observe strict weight limitations although it is not that so with the BMW 5 Series.

The interior upgrades done on the BMW 5 Series have proven to be a challenge for engineers. It was likened to gift wrapping using an asymmetric object with striped gift wrap paper and making sure that the line would end up parallel and even along the edges. Aside from that, the film is stretched when it is applied on the substrate, which usually distorts the color demarcation line and when this happen additional effort is required to bring the film back to the color demarcation and the film to its proper alignment. In order to ensure a high-quality finish and harmonious overall effect, exacting tolerances must be observed especially where the two colors meet on the door panels.

Johnson Controls make use of a fully automated production process, tools, and machinery advances to ensure that the color demarcation lines stay within the exacting tolerances at all times.

BMW 5 Series in production at China
The BMW 5 Series that is currently in production at the Chinese BMW plant in Shenyang is also being fitted with the innovative door panels from Johnson Controls. The company will also supply the eight-inch display for the rear seat entertainment system for the long-wheelbase version of the BMW 5 Series that is also being produced in China. Johnson Controls will also provide the integrated HomeLink garage door opener worldwide as optional equipment.

About BMW
BMW is the abbreviation for Bayerische Motoren Werke, which when translated in English means Bavarian Motor Works. It is an independent German company and manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles. BMW is also the parent company of the MINI and Rolls-Royce car brands, and was previously the owner of Rover. The company’s slogan is “The Ultimate Driving Machine”.

Nissan Provides First Fuel-cell Powered Vehicle For Hire

In the automotive industry, a common goal is set: to produce vehicles which are environment-friendly. One of the car makers dedicated to the production of clean cars is Nissan. They have recently developed a fuel-cell powered vehicle which they are making available for the public to experience. The X-Trail, Nissan’s sports utility vehicle, received a make over and part of it is the fuel-cell technology that it now employs. This hybrid version of the X-Trail can be accessible to commuters in Japan.

This is because the Nissan Motor Co., Ltd has recently delivered to Knagawa Toshi Kotsu Ltd. the latest version of the X-Trail. The hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicle will be part of the company’s chauffer-driven hired-car fleet. Nissan is the first manufacturer to make available to a hired-car service a hired-car service. The use of the Nissan X-Trail fuel-cell powered vehicle will give commuters a chance to experience how it is like to ride in a vehicle that runs on fuel-cell technology.

The Nissan X-Trail FCV or fuel cell vehicle is equipped with a Nissan fuel-cell stack and a compact lithium-ion battery. The good combination of these gives the X-Trail FCV a performance like that of a gasoline-powered X-Trail. The fuel-cell stack provided by Nissan to the FCV is capable of producing as much as 90 kilowatts. This power gives the FCV a top speed and acceleration rate almost similar to that of the gasoline-powered X-Trail. The use of fuel cell in vehicles reduces the dependence on fossil fuel which is non-renewable source of energy. This means that once the supply of fossil fuel is gone, it is going to be gone forever. That fact makes the development of alternative source of energy of utmost importance.

The use of fuel-cell technology is a good alternative to gasoline since a vehicle powered by this technology gives off no emission harmful to the environment. The only thing that a vehicle with fuel-cell gives off is water vapor. The process involves the fusion of oxygen and hydrogen, both of which are abundant in the atmosphere. The fusion of the said elements will produce a chemical reaction from which electricity can be extracted. This is then stored in the lithium-ion battery of the car where it is called upon to power the electric motor that drives the vehicle. These parts are all made to be reliable and not prone to breakdown just like Volvo 940 parts. During the fusion of hydrogen and oxygen, the only by-product is water.

The use of fuel cell technology has indeed been explored and further developments are also being made. With more advances in this field of alternative fuel, the cost of production will surely be lowered. This means that more and more of these clean cars will be available to the public. Nissan is already embarking on a crusade to help in the effort of the global community to reduce harmful CO­2 emission. This effort involves further development in the fuel-cell technology field. They are developing fuel cells which are not fragile and can take on the bumps on the road. The cost of fuel cell is also an issue they are addressing; they are developing ways on how to make inexpensive fuel cells. Once they found a way to overcome the production cost issue, they may be able to mass produce fuel cell vehicles.

Aside from the Nissan X-Trail fuel cell vehicle made available for a hired-car fleet, Nissan also allows consumers to have a fuel cell vehicle driving experience to test its performance and advantages. They allow consumers to test-drive fuel cell vehicles at their Nissan Gallery in Ginza, Tokyo.

Regular Automotive Oil In Motorcycles?

There is a lot of confusion about oil in motorcycles. Specially marketed “motorcycle oil” is a lot more expensive than oil sold for cars, but is it really safe to run car oil? Yes, just make sure it meets SG, SH, SJ, or SL service requirements. Generally, you are better off with a heavy-duty oil for motorcycles, such as 15w40, below is a list of oils known to work well in motorcycles:

1. Chevron Delo 400 15w40

2. Mobil Delvac 1300 Super 15w40

3. Pennzoil Long-Life 15w40

4. Quaker State 4X4 Synthetic Blend 15w40

5. Shell Rotella-T 15w40 (my personal favorite)

6. SuperTech 2000 (WalMart) 15w40

7. Valvoline All Fleet 15w40

8. Castrol Syntec Blend Truck and 4X4 15w40

A really good choice HAS always been Mobil One 15w50, but recently they changed their formula from TriSynthetic to SuperSyn, which has additional friction modifiers, which may make it no longer a good choice for bikes. This is still up in the air, with people having mixed results, but I say, why risk it, try one of the other ones above!

Now, this may seem sketchy to you, and you’re thinking, yea it may work, but will my bike die in a year? In the June 1996 Issue of Sport Rider Magazine, there was a report called, “100,000 mile Honda CBR900RR.” The owner used regular Castrol GTX car oil, 20W50 in the summer, 10W40 in the winter, changed his oil every 4000 miles, only changed the oil filter EVERY OTHER time. When this bike had 100,000 miles on it, they dyno’d it up against an identical bike with only 6,722 miles on it, and the horsepower and torque curves were virtually identical! The magazine later did a follow up, with the same CBR at 200,000 miles and going strong, so as you can see, the oil had no affect on his bike.

So, you may wonder, “Why then, is motorcycle sooo much more money, if its the same stuff?”

Well, because they sell motorcycle oil in smaller quantities, more packaging, smaller orders, less sales, more cost per quart. Just recently, some of the major oil companies have caught on to this, and have started selling their own motorcycle oils in auto parts stores and even places like Wal Mart, and they are MUCH closer to the price of regular car oil, because once again, they are the massive companies, they move a lot more oil, and have less cost per quart. So, when you buy the really expensive motorcycle oil for your bike, what you are paying for, is not better oil, you’re just paying for that companies costs. Get it? Good. Save your money for better things, like new parts!

Acura: The Improved Luxury Lineup

Honda originally launched their Acura sport and luxury division during 1986, and the company has continually improved their product line ever since. The days of Acura’s driving and performing like their similar Honda counterparts are long gone. Numerous upgrades and enhancements have been made to the Acura vehicles to make them more luxurious and refined than ever before.

When the Acura product line first rolled off the assembly line they had a few top selling vehicles including the Integra, Legend, and Vigor that quickly became popular. Motor Trend even named the Legend coupe as the “Import Car of the Year” back in 1987. In addition they also named the Integra as one of the top 10 best cars to drive on the road. Considering this was a fairly new brand for Honda, the Acura series did exceptionally well in their first few years. This definitely raised the standards for Honda on all of its new models.

Up to this day, Honda’s subsidiary brand still remains a leader in providing high quality, luxury sport coupes and vehicles. Many of the older models, however, have been retired and others replaced with newer models that are being marketed under a few new names such as:

– Acura RL: A midsize, luxury sedan that seats up to 5 passengers
– Acural TL: A midsize, 5 passenger sport luxury sedan
– Acura TSX: A midsize, 5 passenger lower priced alternative to the TL
– Acura RSX: A 4 passenger, sporty coupe priced at around $24,000
– Acura NSX: A fairly expensive 2 passenger exotice sports car
– Acura MSX: A larger 7 passenger luxury sport utility vehicle (SUV)

The new models have definitely changed drastically since the car manufacturer’s line was first introduced in ’86. Interior improvements, technological improvements, and additional standard and luxury features, have been added over the years and especially in the recently released models. Acura is definitely providing some stiff competition for two similar competing Japanese luxury brands (Infiniti and Lexus).

Acura has also created a very stong following for car enthusiasts and aftermarket “tuners” looking to spice up or “trick out” their sport compact. The Acura Integra (now the RSX), is still an ever popular choice among these enthusiasts. Although, this car is probably not quite as popular as Honda’s Civic, it offers many of the same features at a slightly higher price point.

In summary, Honda has clearly brought out an excellent and constantly improving line up of vehicles for consumers both young and old. With everything from small sport compacts to large luxury SUVs, with high quality features and added extras, they are sure to appeal to just about everyone. Loyal Acura enthusiasts and car lovers alike will surely continue to follow the company’s strong brand and well known quality line of vehicles for years to come!

Break repair boulder – John’s Auto Care

Finding the right break repair boulder shop that can handle your car’s brake mold should be particular as your commencement accent. Having a professional check it at incipient twice a year cede present you a repute of security and will also lower the chances of brake failure while travelling on the road.

Most car accidents happen because their brakes fail to work. This is especially apropos when driving along highways, tunnels again places station you encourage to quicken.toyota repair boulder skillful are even times when people only notice that signal is wrong with their brakes, when it’s too late and they can’t do anything about it.

Going to the break repair boulder shop to let them have a look at the brakes of your car, should be done on regular intervals. Even if there is nothing wrong curtain your brakes, letting professional mechanics at “John’s Auto Care” to take a good look at them will set out that they will work, when you need them the most. Accidents do happen, when you primogenial expect them.

Never second guess and never take chances. If you dictate that your brake is a basic off, then, go to the John’s Auto Care who are the best break repair boulder. This charge heap your life besides your loved ones when on the road.

Car brakes are the most important safety feature that is installed dominion your car. kiss goodbye it, your car would pertinent aliment on vigor until it hits something or if it runs apparent of slapstick. Whenever you storming the pedal for the brakes, the brake fluids on your car ball game to the brake lines that are connected on the wheels also stop corporal from moving.

Brakes encumbrance differ from car to car and this also applies considering the added models that are being released on the peddle. If your car is by oneself of the fashionable models, then response to convenient side brake repair Boulder shop won’t profile firm.

Finished is a occure that the auto mechanics from that particular repair shop, are not trivial bury the brake system that is installed grease your car and would just pretend that everything is in good condition. That besides means that you are not obtaining the right services that you are looking for and you are unaware of the instance condition of your car brakes.

The brakes of your car may spell the difference between life again parting on the road. It is cash that you should always pay attention, to your brake’s overall performance. If you notice even the slightest abnormalities on your brakes, then it is tops to go to the best brake repair Boulders “John’s Auto Care” your area, try to be on the safe side of things.

Home Care Gives the Relief You Need

Is Home Care Putting YOU Over the Edge?

Are you burning the candle at both ends trying to provide home care for your loved one? Are the home care services just getting more than you can handle? It’s not easy being the one left in charge of home care. I’m here with good news about home care – you don’t need to “do it all” anymore! When you need auto care, you call an expert auto mechanic, right? When a loved one needs home care, the best thing to do is call the experts in home care. It’s that simple. Just think what relief you’ll feel as your stress disappears and you can relax knowing that your loved one has the best home care possible!

Where do I find this amazing home care?

When you’re buried in the home care of a loved one, it’s hard to keep your head above water, let alone look for help with home care. The best place you can turn to for all your home care needs is SALT LAKE HOME CARE. Salt Lake Home Care is a top-notch home care agency that has experienced and qualified care providers to give your loved one all the comfort and support they deserve in home care. To find these experts in home care, just google “Salt Lake Home Care,” “home care services,” “nursing agencies,” “Salt Lake Care Services,” or “senior care.” You’ll find the experts in home care who will set you free, and providers who will show you what home care should be.

The types of home care services provided by Salt Lake Home Care are ENDLESS!

If you have ANY home care need (and I mean ANY) Salt Lake Home Care is the provider for you. Do you need child care for any reason? Do you need 24 hour in-home care (also called domiciliary care) for your loved one? Do you need senior care in the way of companionship and emotional support? Does your loved one need non medical home care, such as grooming, bathing, transportation, etc? Are you wondering if your loved one needs to be in a nursing home? As you search for home care experts, you won’t find any care providers better than at Salt Lake Home Care. You can contact them and ask them any home care questions you have about the services they provide. Salt Lake Home Care is a national care agency and one of the top agencies in the United States. Whatever type of health services or home care needs you have, you can be sure to find relief at Salt Lake Home Care.

Give yourself the relief YOU need, and your loved one the care THEY need!

Stop burning the candle at both ends trying to provide home care for your loved one. Leave your loved one’s home care to the experts! Call Salt Lake Home Care TODAY!

Fire Consultancy Services

Up until October 2006, there were approximately 70 different pieces of legislation relating to fire safety in the UK. The release of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO) in England and Wales, repealed all previous Fire Safety legislation and was a much needed consolidation and long awaited revision of these previous laws. To ensure compliance with the RRO, it is prudent to engage the services of a competent Fire Safety Consultant, Beacon Fire Safety and MK Fire Training are a great choice to assist you in complying with your legal obligations under the RRO. In the remainder of the UK, the Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006 were made under the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 and came in to force at the same time, with the Fire Safety Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2010 came into effect on 15 November 2010. Both ethical and legal factors make the choice an easy one; reasonably priced fire safety and training consultation is a wise and responsible investment, potentially saving both lives and assets.

The professional, experienced and competent staff at Beacon Fire Safety provides a range of fire consultancy services including fire risk assessments, fire safety advice, consultancy, fire engineering and fire safety training suggestions. They operate a nationwide service and have a number of consultants to fully support your business wherever you are in the UK.

Each of the consultants performing work under the auspices of Beacon Fire Safety is a member of the Institution of Fire Engineers, complete annual continuing professional development (CPD) and is also CRB cleared. This means you can count on them to be on the cutting edge of Fire Safety procedures and technologies, and able to provide the latest in Fire Prevention advice. Don’t settle for anything less than fully qualified consultants when the lives of your employees and visitors are at stake. Recent advances in approaches to fire prevention introduce exciting new concepts that are designed to provide a safer environment to work.

A fire risk assessment is the first step in developing a fire safety strategy for your business and can be defined as a method of identifying fire hazards and determining the likelihood or risk that these hazards will result in a fire.

This legislation places a legal obligation on the person deemed to be the Responsible Person for the premises to carry out a suitable and sufficient assessment by a ‘Competent Person’. Insurers are also beginning to demand that their customers demonstrate that they are taking a responsible approach to fire safety, particularly for the safety of staff, customers, visitors and property.

Beacon Fire Safety will be happy to provide you with a fire risk assessment for your business. Their risk assessments can either be paper based or you can benefit from one of their cutting edge web-based online documents. The online system is designed to offer immediate updates to the fire risk assessment once actions have been completed; therefore making them a truly ‘live’ document and the system also provides timely reminders of when tests and reviews are due. This system is ideal for companies with many sites or buildings distributed over a large geographic area.

Customer Service Articles

One thing that a slow economy in recent years has brought about is a trend toward keeping older cars longer. Increasing numbers of ordinary people who have some skill in working on cars have chosen to do repairs themselves that they may have paid someone else to do in earlier times. There’s no question that doing car repairs yourself saves money, but for many shade tree mechanics the process also gives the satisfaction of knowing the repair is being done right rather than relying on someone else’s word that it is. Some car owners even do auto body repairs themselves, and to do so, they need a dependable source for the parts they need.

Acquiring Parts for an Auto Body Professional

While some car owners are willing to tackle auto body repairs themselves, others want to hire someone to do the repairs, but they want to know for themselves that the parts they need come from a reputable source and haven’t been marked up in price excessively. These resourceful car owners also need a trusted source for the auto body parts needed to get their car looking great again.

Why Buy Online?

Shopping online is an everyday fact of life today. People buy everything from books to prefabricated buildings online. Parts for auto body repair are no exception. People love shopping online because they can easily compare manufacturers, prices, and delivery options without having to drive from place to place or spend all afternoon on the phone. Furthermore, buying auto body parts online allows consumers to see for themselves whether other customers have been pleased or displeased with various online sellers.

Cost-Effective Auto Body Parts

Purchasing auto body parts online is a very cost-effective choice, whether you plan to make the auto body repairs yourself or have a professional install the parts you buy. Today’s online sellers of car parts are very competitive not only with price, but with speed of delivery. Many online retailers have a network of suppliers that allows them to get the parts you order to you very quickly and safely, so you don’t have to wait for a supplier to be located before your parts can be shipped. Combined with guarantees, online reviews, and competition on price, these online sales practices help ensure you get exactly what you want when you want it, and at a fair price.

Never Settle for Second Best

You should not have to settle for second best when it comes to replacement auto body parts. Shopping online frees you from the geographical constraints that used to restrict you to local or regional suppliers. The quality of the auto parts you need should never be in question, and many online sellers of auto parts stake their reputations on getting you the best quality parts at competitive prices. If you’re resourceful enough to make your own auto body repairs, or if you simply feel more comfortable seeing for yourself the parts you want your auto body repair professional to use, today’s online sales of parts for your auto body repair are better at meeting your needs than ever before.